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DRM Social Connect aims to make our society a better place to live by networking with various trusts and NGOs with a similar vision. It supports victims of abuse by providing them job training and helping them to rise as change agents. The forum also endeavors to provide scholarships for education and financial support for job-oriented training to abused children, children of single parents and to the underprivileged.

DRM HOPE Scholarship for the underprivileged and abuse survivors

PURPOSE: DRM Social Connect aims to support the education of the underprivileged and the abused through the DRM HOPE scholarship. This scholarship has been launched to bring about social transformation by supporting the poor, the underprivileged and abuse survivors through education. Education empowers the future generation to earn their livelihood while bringing awareness of their rights and responsibilities and appropriate social behavior as citizens of India.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: The eligibility criteria for this scholarship program are listed below. Eligible candidates need to meet at least one of the below-listed criteria.

  • Children of parents who have survived abuse
  • Child survivors of abuse
  • Orphans or deserted children with or without guardians
  • Single parent children with very low income
  • Children with both parents wherein one parent has heavy medical bills/needs.
  • Underprivileged meritorious students
  • The scholarship can also be used to support individuals recovering from abusive relationships and who need short-term, specific job-oriented training.

  • Abused children and referrals from DRM’s professional counselors will be given first preference due to their dire needs.
  • The program aims to benefit the most underprivileged or marginalized in India, especially the girl children.
  • There is no bar of caste, religion or state of origin or residence. All eligible candidates from India can apply.
  • The scholarship is available to students studying at various levels, from primary school to college (maximum 25 years of age). Students pursuing professional courses might be considered if they have excelled at the school level. There is no age limit for applicants engaged in a vocational training course. No applications for theological studies or any religiously affiliated study programs will be entertained.

  • Family income should be less than INR 2 lakhs per annum.
  • Salary certificate / income declaration required.
  • Applicants should not be receive support for the course they are engaged in from any other sources.
  • Applicants must comply with the conduct of a thorough background check and provide the required information in a timely manner if selected as a potential scholarship recepient. In case any documents, data or information provided is insufficient or falsified or if the applicant does not meet the eligibility criteria set forth in this document, DRM Hope scholarship may be denied.
  • Based on the specific needs of the candidates, the amount of scholarship will be finalized. It will be different for different levels of education/ age groups. The amount may cover fees/ books/ uniform, based on need.
  • Application for scholarship must be made within a sufficient time period to allow for the DRM deliberation process, including payment of the scholarship money to the concerned educational institution prior to the institution's deadlines. Last minute requests cannot be entertained.
  • The scholarship amount will be sent to the educational institution directly, and hence the bank details of the institution should be provided.

  • Step 1: DRM verifies if the applicant meets the eligibility criteria and conditions.
  • Step 2: The DRM verification team screens and verifies qualified applicants’ background.
  • Step 3: The DRM committee decides on funding details.
  • Step 4: Applicants are contacted with the final decision.

Please fill in the application form and upload the following documents:

Enrollment document (an official letter/certificate from the educational institution where the applicant is enrolled), salary certificates of the applicant’s parent(s) and latest mark sheets/certificates of the applicant.


OBJECTIVES OF DRM JOB SEEKERS CONNECT DRM Jobseekers Connect is a non-profit support system that seeks to help people find jobs, especially those who are unable to approach a conventional recruitment firm and those who need special attention. They could be anyone, including widows, single parents, women who have never worked out of the home or have been homemakers for most part of their lives but now need employment, those who would like to take up a job after a break, and those who have lost their job because of COVID or economic crisis etc..

DRM Jobseekers Connect is a purely voluntary support system. The team behind it consists of career assistants/mentors/counsellors who help in fine-tuning and uploading CVs and in finding jobs etc.. They offer free coaching/ training after training need identification so that job seekers can find a job. The team also advises job seekers for suitable job openings.

  • Job seekers can upload their CVs on the DRM site and the DRM recruitment team will assist them in finding a job and/or training.
  • CV viewing rights will be given only to those recruiters who are found to be authentic.
  • DRM will tie up with organizations (corporates and NGOs) and recruitment firms for job requirements, vocational training etc.
  • The DRM support team can help job seekers in creating a better CV and train them to approach an interview board.
  • DRM counselors will offer counseling to job seekers.


DRM Pillar aims to help women who wish to earn their livelihood and be economically secure. We partner with an NGO called 'Indian Leadership' to improve the livelihood of women who have no family support to stand with them during trying times. DRM will achieve its dream to stand as a pillar through three different ways through this project.
  • Women's empowerment - Women who would like to start their own small business will be provided support.
  • Vocational Training - Women who wish to earn a livelihood will be provided vocational and communications skills through Asha Kamal Women's Training Centre, Bangalore. Women from economically vulnerable backgrounds and abuse victims will be sponsored by DRM.
  • Training women job seekers - Women who had a break in their careers and would like to start working again, those who are in some sort of crisis and wish to take up a job, will be trained in different skills and helped through DRM's Job Seekers Connect.

DRM Refuge for Abused Victims DRM Refuge provides a safe haven for the women who are abused and have nowhere to go. It is a network of like-minded individuals, rescue homes, advocates, and counsellors in different places in India that seek to reach out to help those who are in crisis. The afflicted who need such support can be provided accommodation in a short-stay home, where theyr will be provided care and counseling.
If you come across any incidents ('people who require such assistance') call or send a whatsapp to +91 88018 58585.


DRM in partnership with Jeevan brings together individuals and organisations who have a heart for these unborn babies on a common platform and unites them for achieving this goal. DRM counsellors help those who are going through tough phase due to their pregnancy and help them to take life affirming choices. It also provides assistance for women who choose not to abort their babies and face challenging and unfavourable conditions. The need is great, let us come together for this worthy cause.
In case you come across such incidents call or send a whatsapp message to +91 88018 58585