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Our outreach program. For men and women of all ages. With periodic training, speeches and sessions on leadership, mentoring and more. FIND OUT MORE.
Arise, Shine, for the Light has come
As the members of the Deborah Rise Moment, we are women who are passionate about using our God given gifts and talents. To pray for you, with you, intercede and support your challenges. Irrespective of your background. We are committed and trained prayer warriors. Devoted to pray for women, men, the young and children. Irrespective of caste, creed or religion.
Reach us, if you are facing challenges of loneliness, despair or just overwhelmed to pray, have an unanswered pray - and we will pray with you. Counsel you in Biblical ways. Your call will be handled with full confidentiality within our organization. Your right to anonymity will be fully respected as required. We can speak with you in English, Tamil, Hindi and Malayalam.

Our functions are three-fold. Intercessory prayer, Biblical Counselling and Lifeline Connect. Evangelism, apologetics, social transformation and social work are supportive functions for our two key tenets. Lifeline Connect is our leadership and mentoring outreach program.

We are open for your calls 24x7 seven days a week. Call us, or just drop in a voice message on our phone recorder or drop in a message on our phone or website anytime.
I sought the Lord andHe answered me and delivered me from all my fears
P S A L M 3 4 : 4
Behind the harsh public face of our communities, many of us are hurt and are crying out to know that someone cares. Deborah Rise Movement’s listeners and prayer warriors are here to hear ...

Whether you are Christian or not, our Lord Jesus treated each person he talked to as unique and special ...
To build a network of caring Christian individuals that acts proactively on behalf of the most neglected sector of women in human society – the abused, violated, oppressed, neglected, and marginalized - to help meet their physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs (Mark 9:41). To provide biblical training in intercessory prayer for those in the network
DRM has eminent speakers who would give free training and exciting talks on social issues coupled with life stories and also on Counseling and prayer on a platform called Lifeline Connect.

This is available for anyone (both men and women) who would love to hear us. Join Lifeline Connect using the following link
Arise, Shine, for the Light has come
Your call will always be answered by one of our friendly team member. And after you’ve explained your concern, will be attended to by the right prayer warrior.

Our organization is where our intercessors are praying to God continually, establishing an unbroken communion with God 24/7, seven days a week.